Look who’s back!

So after many go arounds this summer trying to fix my self hosted site, I have decided I do not have that bandwidth or know how. Much easier to move back to WordPress and my new .blog extension 🙂 So here I am! And I have so much to catch you up on. More very […]

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Time to make a change…

Ch-ch-changes!!! A few months ago I finally got back my domain name! I had previously let it lapse and it was caught up in one of those companies where they try to sell it back to you for a ridiculous amount of money. I had inquired with them about 6 months ago on how much […]

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2009: A Look Back

Well then, that update was sooner than expected 🙂 I decided that rather than going to lunch today and dealing with icy roads I woudl run to our cafe and update my blog. Good call, right? In looking back I had very few goals for the year: 2009 knitting related goals: 1. Complete at least […]

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Holiday Knitting

To close out the year I actually did finish a few more projects. Not the shawls I was anticipating knitting for Christmas, but rather a hat and a scarflette for my MIL and fingerless gloves for a white elephant exchange at work. Now let’s begin by saying I do not look stellar in hats. I […]

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I knit something!

For real! I finished a quick project (actually two). The first completed project is my Nolita Cowl. It’s massive: The second project is a smaller cowl made with yarn from Kitty Grrlz, but I need to get a picture of the finished object. Coming soon. Tomorrow or tonight I’ll cast on for one of the […]

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Still Trying to Knit

Yesterday I spent probably 90 minutes knitting on a shawl that I’ve been working forever, which is the most time I’ve spent in consecutively knitting in quite some time. The downside is that I ran out of yarn. I have 6 decrease repeats left and I am out of yarn. Normally not a big deal […]

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Knitting Slump

I’ve landed in a knitting slump. As of late nothing has been inspiring and there are no real projects I feel like starting/completing. It makes me sad, but maybe it was/is time for a break. I did get quite far on my Clapotis for WIP Wrestling, but alas did not finish. I am in the […]

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WIP Wrestling Mania!

Call me crazy, because we all know I constantly bitch about lack of time, but I’ve joined in on the WIP Wrestling KAL for July. It’s all about finishing as many WIPs as possible. I currently have 4 tagged, 2 that I think are perfectly reasonable and will get two and two that will be […]

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