12 Shawls in 2017

Hi! What’s new?! I know, I fell off the blog again 🙂 However I’ve already flown nearly 30,000 miles this year for work, so as you can imagine I’ve been a busy bee. On the knitting front, I have been knitting away. I decided early on that my knitting goal for this year is 12 […]

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Pussyhats Project

You may or may not have heard yet about the Pussycat Project for the The Women’s March on Washington DC. If you have not yet, you should certainly check it out! What I love about the project is that it is giving women a further way to unite and make a visual statement during the march […]

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Happy 2017!!!

After a fantastic night out with my husband and friends, I have a kid-free morning for knitflixing! That’s right let’s start the year by finishing off a shawl and winding yarn for my next project. My official first finished project of the year is my Zane Shawl I had the remaining 7 stripes on the […]

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Favorite 2016 Project- Fringed

I finished 21 projects in 2016 and have two more I’m trying desperately to finish. One project particularly stands out as a favorite, a project that took me well out of my comfort zone, my Fringed shawl. While I knit with a yarn I love (Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK, yum!), I did not use colors typical […]

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Last Minute Knit Gifts

Just when I thought I was done with all my shopping… oh no! One more gift needed! I’m sure I’m not alone as I think of one more person I really ought to gift something to. It’s too late for shipping (at least at reasonable rates) and I really don’t want to head back to […]

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New Beginnings

As of this morning recklessknitting.com is dead and gone. All the content has disappeared into  the ether. I am saddened that my content from the past 6 years is gone, however I am excited for new beginnings… Over the next few weeks as we close out 2016 I will catch you up on the projects […]

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Look who’s back!

So after many go arounds this summer trying to fix my self hosted site, I have decided I do not have that bandwidth or know how. Much easier to move back to WordPress and my new .blog extension 🙂 So here I am! And I have so much to catch you up on. More very […]

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