Mother’s Day Directive

Life over the past 15 months has left me with little free time, especially time to do simple things such as knit, read, learn to use my sewing machine… you know, all those little things I may have taken for granted before. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing as Caitlin means more to me […]

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April- Inspiration?

Back from Hawaii, the trip was so-so. I know, who comes back from a trip to Hawaii feeling that way, but given the medical complications that reared their ugly head it couldn’t be helped. The trip was bittersweet to say the least. Finding knitting inspiration in Hawaii is a funny thought given the constant temperature […]

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Last Day of March

And I don’t have much to show for it. ~ I’m still seaming up the baby cardigan. It’s almost done… almost. I’m home on Thursday, if I find a moment I may try to finally get it done. ~ I did knit a “Hug” for my husband based on the one in the MasterCard commercials. […]

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Birthdays Happen

Year older and likely wiser. I think having a baby does that too you. Or at least helps you view life in a very different way. Some of my birthday goodies that I’m exceptionally excited about: I see many Softies/plushies in my future. I can’t wait. I also want to try making a few aprons. […]

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Birthday Season…

Birthday season has begun for me. My daughter’s first birthday is officially the 11th, we had the party yesterday Next is my future SIL’s birthday (19th) followed by my husband’s (26th), mine (5th) and them my MIL’s (10th). That’s a whole lot of birthday cake. I did finish the backpack for my daughter in the […]

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Knitting, but not…

The not knitting part… I’m taking three days off this week. Yesterday was the first of the three. Of course I found myself snowed in for the most part, but given what I was working on that really didn’t matter. And why is that, you ask? because I was painting our living room which I […]

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Yarn Sale – Coming Soon!

In an effort to de-stash a little I’ll be selling off some old yarn that I will never use. Some of it is cheaper Lion Brand or Red Heart type yarn and some of it is more organic/yummy yarn. I’ll post pictures and prices by Friday in a new blog post and then a way […]

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Not Knitting

That seems to be the theme lately, no time to knit. I entered the Ravelymics with the best of intentions. Scheduled knitting time, 2 WIPs and a pair of socks… surely I could get that done in 2 weeks. Nope. I got about 80% of one sock done and one of the WIPs went from […]

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Baby blankets and neck warmers

Neck warmers? Who knits those in the spring/summer? Apparently I do. There is a craft fair in August that I’m dying to participate in, Craftin’ Outlaws. This is year four and I’ve been to the last two. How awesome would it be to have a table to sell my hand knits? So that is my […]

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