New Pattern: Tundra Scarf

Happy New Year! As I look ahead at 2019 one of my goals is to design more. I’ve had a few ideas floating around in my head and this year I want to get them published. First up, the Tundra Scarf!


Knit with the yarn held doubled, this long textured scarf will be your go to winter accessory. It is also very easy to lengthen the pattern by just adding additional repeats. A few more details:

  • Great pattern for new knitters
  • Large needs (13 US), knits up quickly
  • Slip stitches used for a nice edging
  • Length is adjustable, just add yarn!
  • The color I used for my sample is “Forest Green”. The yarn is We Are Knitters, The Petite Wool. (Use code MGMM8BNZT to receive $12 off your order)

If you need assistance with yarn substitutions I am happy to provide suggestions. As the yarn is held doubled, you could use two different colors for a cool marled effect!

Tundra Scarf on Ravelry

Tundra Scarf on LoveKnitting




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