I have an addiction… Knit Collage Yarns

Several years ago I came across Knit Collage yarns. I’ve admired all their handspun beauty and texture, yet never made the jump to knit with them. Recently I gave in to that temptation and now I am head over heels…


I had signed up for Knits Stars 2.0  earlier this year (highly recommended) and in doing so took advantage of going back and taking Knit Stars 1.0. Amy Small, owner of Knit Collage, was one of the teachers in the initial set of courses and I found her truly inspiring. I started thinking about my own stash of handspun that I had personally created and the amazing projects I could create with it. I also started to think about how well I could mix them with some of the solid colorways from Knit Collage yarns.

I ventured over to the Knit Collage website and grabbed a few items (pic 1 above), mostly yarns for patterns that came with Knits Stars. Then the fall KAL was announced and I couldn’t resist buying 2 of the 3 kits, on cardigan and one shawl.

As the first package arrived, I set my Find Your Fade shawl aside and jumped right in. First up was the Dash Scarf. Such an interesting and simple knit with yarn overs that you then weave the second yarn through. I can’t wait to wear this as the weather gets colder.


Next up on the needles was the Garter Stitch Triangle Shawl. I used the Knit Collage Swirl yarn for this project which is self striping. I found sometimes the color change aligned with the change in garter and stockinette sections of the shawl, sometimes it did not, adding to the interest and texture. I enjoyed the details of the braids and tassels.


Currently I am I the midst of the two KALs. I have finished the Amulet Shawl and it has been blocked, the Snow Cap Cardigan is well underway with the back and left side complete, right side about 3/4s done. The texture on the cardigan is INSANE! I can’t wait to bring that project together.


Better pictures of the finished shawl very soon.

As I wrap up these projects I will be inclined to finish my Fade and finally attach the fringe to my Saturate shawl, however will also work to resist the need to grab my handspun and knit all the chunky knits until the other two projects are complete.

Have you ever tried Knit Collage yarns? Or perhaps any of the patterns they have produced? If not, I highly recommend!

XO, ~L

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