12 Shawls in 2017

Hi! What’s new?! I know, I fell off the blog again šŸ™‚ However I’ve already flown nearly 30,000 miles this year for work, so as you can imagine I’ve been a busy bee.

On the knitting front, I have been knitting away. I decided early on that my knitting goal for this year is 12 shawls in 2017 and I am well under way. So far I have finished up:

There are still finishing touches to be had on some of these, however here’s a peekĀ at the first four shawls of my year:

Somewhere in there, while flying across the Atlantic and back again, I managed to finish a 21 Color Slouch as well!

Currently I have three more shawls in progress, clearly not a monogamous knitter:

At the rate I am going, I have a feeling this 12 could be 13!

What are your knitting goals this year? Show me your finished projects so far. I would love to see them!

XO, ~L

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