Happy 2017!!!

After a fantastic night out with my husband and friends, I have a kid-free morning for knitflixing! That’s right let’s start the year by finishing off a shawl and winding yarn for my next project.

My official first finished project of the year is my Zane Shawl I had the remaining 7 stripes on the left to finish and was able to wrap them up this morning while binge watching The OA. Here is the final result:

Knit using Tosh Vintage in the following colors: Leopard (MC), Hosta Blue, Aura, Methanol Blue, Espadrilles and Edison Bulb.

My last project of 2016 was the 5 Hour Sunday Scarf, soon to be gifted:

I’m now winding up yarn for my Find Your Fade shawl. Anyone else knitting this? Would love to see your combos, here is mine:


Ok, time to head out and pick up my kids from grandma’s. Hope everyone had a fun and safe night whether you were in bed at 8pm or after midnight! Happy New Year!


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