Favorite 2016 Project- Fringed

I finished 21 projects in 2016 and have two more I’m trying desperately to finish. One project particularly stands out as a favorite, a project that took me well out of my comfort zone, my Fringed shawl.

While I knit with a yarn I love (Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK, yum!), I did not use colors typical to me nor do I typically wear massive shawls with a ton of fringe. Yet I could not resist…


I love the boho, free spirited vibe it gives off. I used the following color ways:

  • Monarch (top section)
  • Electric (bright blue stripes and cast off row)
  • Pollen (golden section)
  • Purple Reigns (deep purple, bottom section)
  • The fringe was created using leftovers of all the colors

A few more pictures at additional angles, unfortunately it is quite dark in my office this morning, hard to capture the vibrancy of the blue.

As I look towards 2017 I have a few shawls I am trying to decide between as my first project:

  1. Find Your Fade
  2. Goldfinch
  3. Loop
  4. Fun Fun Fun
  5. Dotted Rays (also done as a fade with multiple colors)

I probably have enough yarn in stash to knit all of them next year 🙂 The question is, in which order?

Off to see if I can finish up the scarf and shawl before the 1st!

XO, ~L

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