Time to make a change…


A few months ago I finally got back my domain name! I had previously let it lapse and it was caught up in one of those companies where they try to sell it back to you for a ridiculous amount of money. I had inquired with them about 6 months ago on how much it would cost to buy it back, They asked for $1,000. Dude, it’s a personal website that generates no money. No way in hell!

When I saw it coming up for expiration I put in a back order to see if I could win it back for little money when it went to auction. Sure enough, less than $20!

Anyway, long story short I’m moving my blog directly to my site now 🙂 So for updates moving forward please visit me at www.recklessknitting.com!

Note that the new site is still a work in progress, but I plan to get it more on track this weekend…

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