2009: A Look Back

Well then, that update was sooner than expected 🙂 I decided that rather than going to lunch today and dealing with icy roads I woudl run to our cafe and update my blog. Good call, right?

In looking back I had very few goals for the year:

2009 knitting related goals:

1. Complete at least 1 project per month
2. Update blog at least every other week, preferably weekly
3. Start a monthly knitting group. I already have 3 lovely ladies lined up, just need a venue and date. I’ll likely post details here and on Ravelry if others would like to join us.

Well, I may not have completed a project every single month, but I did finish more than 12 projects. So we’ll check off number 1 above. I did not, however, update my blog every other week nor even close to weekly. I had good intentions, I assure you! And I did attempt to start a knitting group, however it didn’t pan out. I checked out several fun venues, tried to gather friends a few times (never worked out schedule-wise) and then when we found out I was pregnant I became a homebody. Part of the whole knitting group adventure was to be able to go out, knit, chat and DRINK. Yeah, the drinking part wasn’t going to work for me and most people I know aren’t comfortable drinking around me when I cannot. So tabling that one.

1 for 3, I guess that’s…ummm… OK.

And that 1 did include some fun projects. Here’s my 2009 mosaic:

2009 Projects

I realize that some of the projects appear to be unfinished, however I assure you they are. I just don’t have the finished pictures taken. Certainly not a new issue when it comes to me. Also not pictured are several cowls I knit in November with the intention of putting up on Etsy for sale (to see if they would sell). Maybe I’ll make that my project this week, pictures of cowls, put cowls on Etsy.

Many of my projects in 2009 were not overly complicated, but I am very proud that I finished a cardigan for me and one for my little Caitlin as well as a backpack for her. I rarely knit hats so that too was an interesting project for me. All in all, not bad in my eyes.

So what does 2010 bring? Well I’ve already started knitting a baby blanket for our little girl that is due in February. Beyodn taht I’m not sure, but here are some things I would like to try:

~ Spin my own yarn
~ Dye my own yarn
~ Knit a lace shawl (scary!)
~ Finally start up an Etsy shop
~ Re-educate myself on how to crochet
~ Knit a few more garments for myself and the little girls in my life

And really that’s about it. I think they are all achievable goals. Then again, I think I said that re: 2009 as well. I guess we’ll know come this time 2010!

Hope all of you have a very safe and happy new year!


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