Holiday Knitting

To close out the year I actually did finish a few more projects. Not the shawls I was anticipating knitting for Christmas, but rather a hat and a scarflette for my MIL and fingerless gloves for a white elephant exchange at work.

Now let’s begin by saying I do not look stellar in hats. I probably could have worn it further back, maybe more beret style, but this was Christmas Eve and I needed to photo for my project page on Ravelry so I just went with what I had:

Trying to show some of the detail

Sweet Georgia Hat

The pattern for this hat was designed by my online friend Brittany, aka Bohoknitterchic, and is called Sweet Georgia

The scarlette is the Mustard Scarf on Ravelry which has a very similar yarn-over type detail as the hat. So using the same yarn they became a decent matching set.


Mustard Scarf

And then lastly there are the super quick fingerless gloves that I made using a loom! Very quick and easy, but they tend to run a little small. May try another pair on a slightly larger loom.

Alice FIngerless Gloves

I do believe that this wraps up my knitting adventures for 2009. Not likely to complete any projects this week, especially with the work week from hell hovering over my head. However next year I anticipate great things. Why? Well here’s what I scored for Christmas:

~ Zephyr Knit PIck Options needles set
~ Two stands for my Knit Picks Options sets
~ Double point needles in sizes 1 – 8
~ 5 Knifty Knitter looms
~ Natural Dyeing
~ Soft + Simple Knits for Little Ones
~ A pattern for Rabbit Tracks Lace Scarf (Rabbit Ridge Designs)
~ Yarn sent all the way from Alaska (thanks mom!): Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Rabbit Ridge Designs rayon/cotton (both from Far North Yarn Co)

My friends and family have certainly realized I’m a knitter 🙂 I’m so blessed to have had such a knitty Holiday!

Did I mention I also scored, in the non-knitting arena, a Kindle!!! We’ll see if I can figure out how to get knitting patterns on my Kindle, then I’ll really be ready to go.

I’ll post again soon, likely a mosaic of the year’s projects, much like I did for 2008. I’m not sure i met all my goals for the year, but I did get some knitting done despite having a toddler running me ragged and being tired/pregnant. I can only imagine what 2010 will bring with a newborn and a toddler!

Much love to all,

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