Still Trying to Knit

Yesterday I spent probably 90 minutes knitting on a shawl that I’ve been working forever, which is the most time I’ve spent in consecutively knitting in quite some time. The downside is that I ran out of yarn. I have 6 decrease repeats left and I am out of yarn. Normally not a big deal except i bought the yarn in 2005 and it is no longer available. I ordered online what I thought might be a close colorway, but it is very brown where the prior yarn was not. I’ll likely have to just make it work (clearly channeling Tim Gunn).

I’d really like to wrap up this shawl this week so I can move on to the next two that I need to knit. I want all three to be holiday presents, which is overly ambitious if you ask me, but I will try anyway. And if I weren’t concerned that the people I’m knitting for we’re reading this blog I would provide more details, but since they may be, I cannot 🙂

From there I’m not sure what the next projects are. I think I may default back to the afghan that I started so many years ago as well (I had it listed as part of my WIP Wrestling and never got to it). I have a panel and a half completed, which means 2.5 to go. If I recall it knits quick, but is just rather monotonous. However I may need just that as my pregnancy progresses and I find I’m too exhausted to do much but sit on the couch.

And that’s about all I’ve got. I wish I had something more exciting to share, but I’ve just not been knitting much and been really caught up in family, work and life. Maybe the next post will actually include pictures of a completed project of WIPs…


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