Inspired By Me? (aka: Carrie Rocks!)

This post is long overdue and I certainly apologize for the delay. Work is in the forefront right now (along with my daughter) so the rest of life seems to sit and wait until I have time.

About 18 days ago Carrie (craftypuppylover on Ravelry) posted a yarn that was inspired by me and some recent happenings in my life. It is the most thoughtful thing ever that someone I only know via the internet has ever done for me. I really can’t wait to meet her in person in August.

Before I post the story she wrote and the pictures, I should explain that Carrie spins yarns that are inspired by many of the girls in the Knit Girls group on Ravelry. I think that she’s created something like 14 or 15 amazing yarns to date. I’m incredibly honored to be amongst those other ladies.

Here is her post:

Alright peeps! Behold! New yarn!!

Ok that was the fun part. This yarn was inspired by Miss Liz and I would like to just add a disclaimer right now that we talked about this in part (no details of course…it’s a total visual surprise for her too!) because my idea is extremely personal and I got her permission to do this and share it with her and the rest of the world.
As most of you know, Liz had a miscarriage a few months ago. We were all so pumped (of course she was too!!) to hear the news and then equally as heartbroken to hear what happened on her vacation. Liz is no stranger to tragedy, I’m not sure how many of you know this, but she got shot through both of her legs in a freak accident in high school and managed to fully recover! Yipes! One night it all just popped into my head…I looking for inspiration for what to create with my My Little Pony spin-a-long batts from jazzturtle…and I emailed Liz. I asked her if they knew the sex of the baby and she said no, but had a strong feeling it was going to be a little girl. I knew then and there I had to do the batts for her! See pre spun:

my little pony batts! ~ 365:98

I wanted a few things from this yarn. To provide Liz with a tangible thing for the memory of her baby. To create something beautiful and terribly girly. And also give it a bit of an unfinished look, as to remind us of this unfinished chapter in her life. I spun it up with a ton of locks from hollyeqq and even some sparkly bits from dena1975. It’s mainly pink, purple, and green, thick and thin, sparkly, soft, and in a few places a little harsh -due to sequin strands and easter grass- to remind us of the hardships we all face in life. In total, both skeins are 305 yards. It’s beautiful and unique, just like Liz. And whether or not you believe in reincarnation, heaven, karma, or that our precious time on this earth is short, I think we all can agree that the little halo effect created around the yarn from the locks is a powerful symbol for Liz’s little angel. We love you Liz!! I hope this brings you lots of joy, as I was spinning all the love I could into this one just for you.

(sorry it took me so long, pictures fixed!)

Knit Girl Yarn-Voxless 2

Knit Girl Yarn- Detail

Yeah, Carrie rocks. ‘nuff said. Trying to determine just the right project for this. I will knit it up!

I’ll post another blog in the next week or so updating on my continued quest for a good bar/knitting night venue. I feel like this one should stand on it’s own.

Until then! XO

2 thoughts on “Inspired By Me? (aka: Carrie Rocks!)

  1. I had no idea you had gotten shot. I can’t even imagine. Carrie’s post made me tear up. Many hugs to you and her. xoxo

    aka Stellina

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