Adventures in knitting (or not)- Surly Girl edition

I previously mentioned that I have a directive from my husband to get out and knit more. Preferably in a bar or lounge type environment. So of course on the first Thursday following Mother’s Day I did just that… sort of.

The first venue I ventured to was Surly Girl Saloon in the Short North district of Columbus. I’d been there twice in the past, enjoyed the atmosphere and figured it would be a worthwhile first attempt. How can you go wrong when the décor is cowgirl pinups and other oddities? BFF in tow, we gathered our knitting and headed into the bar for food, drinks and not much knitting. Or rather no knitting at all.

We ended up at a tall table with high stools that likely had just enough light for knitting. However it was 6:30pm and we were both starving. Drinks and appetizers first, please! I started off with a Shady Lady and artichoke/spinach dip, Kerry started with the Sucker Punch and quesadillas (or maybe that was her dinner). Yummy! We hadn’t seen each other in awhile so being caught up in chatter was easy. Before we knew it our drinks were gone, the apps were devoured and no knitting was done. Time for round two!

Round two consisted of another Shady lady for me and Kerry moved on to a drink I cannot recall (maybe Lindeman’s Pomme?) Being mothers that rarely get to sit down and eat, we were clearly still hungry and ordered dinner; tomato, bacon & avocado pizza and something else I can’t remember (this is what I get for waiting to write my blog). On with the catching up we went and next thing we knew they were dimming the lights. Uh oh! It was almost too dark to knit.

At this point we gave up on the idea of knitting altogether. We were busy catching up, chatting with our waiter/bartender and people watching (note the creepy guy at the bar nursing his beer for an hour checking us out). Had I known there were benches in the back room I likely would’ve mentioned moving so we could knit and talk, but I had no idea they were there. Instead we ordered dessert! One maple bacon cupcake (it was like breakfast and dessert all at once!) and one chocolate cayenne (spicy!) Kerry threw caution to the wind and also ordered a Cucumber-infused Peach Vodka which tasted like spiked spa water.

After nursing the spiked spa water for a bit we decided it was time to call it a night and head back to the ‘burbs.

All in all an enjoyable evening, this was the ultimate goal, but no knitting accomplished. While Surly Girl has potential to be a place we can go and knit, the back room sounds like it would be the ideal location. Next stop, Grandview. I’m thinking King Ave 5 or Brazenhead.

Surly Girl inspired knits- Cowgirl vest and skirt TBD (to be designed)

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