Mother’s Day Directive

Life over the past 15 months has left me with little free time, especially time to do simple things such as knit, read, learn to use my sewing machine… you know, all those little things I may have taken for granted before. That said, I wouldn’t change a thing as Caitlin means more to me than just about anything in the world, the exception being my husband. Yet burnout is inevitable when you work full time and are a full time mommy outside of that. Thankfully my husband recognized this and I wasn’t afraid to vocalize my imminent burn out.

So what does this have to do with knitting and why am I writing about it here vs. my baby blog? Well, Jack gave me a directive of sorts for Mother’s Day. My gifts started with some very cool t-shirts that fit my excessively large bosom, but are not overly large at the waist (common problem for me). This was followed by a gift certificate good for a day at the spa. Hello, awesome! Essentially 4 hours of services and lunch on a Saturday of my choice. Doesn’t suck. Then the last gift was a book and a directive. That directive being that I MUST start a local knitting group, it should be in a bar type environment (aka, place that serves alcohol) and it needs to be twice a month on a night of my choice, but he pushing for Saturdays. You read that right, my husband gave me a twice a month hall pass to go out on a Saturday night, knit and gossip with the girls and drink. Who am I to say no? The catch, he told me I HAD TO FOLLOW THROUGH. Ok 🙂

The book he gave me is Pints & Purls. Pretty awesome book, made even cooler since it was coauthored by someone local to Columbus. He wants me to use it as my inspiration to get a group started. Sure, why not? Even better, she owns a newish LYS that I’ve yet to check out. You bet it’s on my to-do list now.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be scoping venues for my knit night and then selecting an appropriate night. My concern is that Saturdays are likely too crowded most places unless I can find a cool, off the beaten path, type place. Suggestions are welcome 🙂 I already have a line-up of people to invite (5 – 6) and once I get this going will likely start on online group and post a bit on Ravelry to draw in a few more people.

More updates later, this is the new exciting project I have going now and I was dying to find time to post. I hope to get it off the ground by the end of the month or early June.


NP: Doves- Kingdom of Rust

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Directive

  1. Why oh why oh why do I have to live in CONNECTICUT!!!! It would be wrong to fly to Ohio twice a month, right? Right. I knew that. A kid can dream though…

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