April Finished Projects

Yes, I actually finished projects! They’re all small, but it’s something!

First up, a cute little clutch. I do still need to line it and add magnetic closures, but I’m happy with the current results.


And then there is the little scarflette I was working on in March. I finished knitting it early on in the month, but never wove in the ends or added the button. I finally finished it off today.

Neck Warmer

And last (currently) is a little hand towel from one of the Mason Dixon books. I was trying to use up some of my stash and thought this might be a fun quick project. I also wanted to try a miter pattern, so why not?

Kitchen Towel

Working on seaming up the tattoo heart next, maybe I’ll have 4 projects done in April. Now that would be unheard of!

NP: Portishead- Numb

One thought on “April Finished Projects

  1. Ohmigosh! I nearly forgot – I started a similar scarflet before kidlet showed up … PERFECT “back in the groove” project. Dang I love you girl.

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