April- Inspiration?

Back from Hawaii, the trip was so-so. I know, who comes back from a trip to Hawaii feeling that way, but given the medical complications that reared their ugly head it couldn’t be helped. The trip was bittersweet to say the least.

Finding knitting inspiration in Hawaii is a funny thought given the constant temperature over 60 degrees, but I had a few ideas, one of which I am working on now. If it turns out as planned I will work on a few variations and likely post them for sale in my etsy shop (which is ever so empty and lonesome). More on that in the next blog.

I really want to dye yarn, I think that may be my project for April. On the Big Island there were so many varying landscapes to find inspiration. Between the volcano, rain forest, desert terrain and ocean there were so many differing color palettes. I think a yarn purchase and Kool-Aid will be in order soon. My assumption is that Kool-Aid and food coloring are likely the easiest places to start. I’ll use this week to organize what other supplies I need and see if I can get this under way!

I also started up again on Twitter. I’m using it specifically related to Reckless Knitting, but the name was too long for a username so Voxless it is. It will be mostly knitting and yarn related with the occasional random off topic comment. Check out the link in the side bar πŸ™‚

Dinner time!


NP: Nothing actually, but I have the Hot Dog dance song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stuck in my head!

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