Last Day of March

And I don’t have much to show for it.

~ I’m still seaming up the baby cardigan. It’s almost done… almost. I’m home on Thursday, if I find a moment I may try to finally get it done.

~ I did knit a “Hug” for my husband based on the one in the MasterCard commercials. He kept saying he wanted one, so I improvised. It still needs arms, and I wish the edges laid flatter, but not a bad first attempt.


~ I also knit a puffy tattoo heart for my little Bug; still seaming that up too. Knit it in over the course of two days as I found time, such a quick knit. I hope to embroider it, stuff it and finish sewing up on Thursday also.

Early Friday morning I leave for Hawaii with hubby until the 9th. Bug is staying with grandma (which is breaking my heart, but made the most sense) so it will truly mean catching up on sleep. Except for when I have to attend company events (yes, they are covering the trip). I’m really looking forward to a little sun and sand.

Maybe I will find inspiration too. That was the problem in March; I wasn’t inspired enough by any projects to throw myself into them. Maybe I’ll give the cowl a try again… assuming the cat doesn’t try to destroy it once more.


NP: My phone ringing…

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