Birthdays Happen

Year older and likely wiser. I think having a baby does that too you. Or at least helps you view life in a very different way. Some of my birthday goodies that I’m exceptionally excited about:

Birthday Presents

I see many Softies/plushies in my future. I can’t wait. I also want to try making a few aprons. Also on the list of exciting gifts: rock n’ roll leather watch (to balance out my nice girl watch), Zoolander themed t-shirt (!!!), Sephora gift certificate (spent yesterday), and a mix tape that is really a USB drive with some fabulous music on it. And how could I forget the cute diary, with a girl playing guitar on the front, where the first two pages contain the first poem my hubby ever wrote about me? Yeah, pretty fantastic gifts.

While my birthday was Thursday, Jack and I went out last night. Dinner at Hyde Park was tops, excellent food, wine and company. The surprise after dinner was seeing a local band’s (Jakob Freely and the Mix Tape Bandits) final performance (at least for awhile since the singer is relocating). The clincher there is that the singer is a good friend of Jack’s so mid show they stopped, pointed me out, and sang happy birthday. Awwwww!

Anyway, knitting stuff!

Status of the baby cardigan I am still knitting:

Baby Cardigan- February '09 Project

Second sleeve still in progress. Hoping to wrap it up at Tuesday night’s knit night. I want it done so badly.

I did start working on the cowl mentioned in the last post, but am likely ripping it out and starting again. While having bath time with Bug the other night a cat decided to play with the WIP and displace a few of my stitch markers. As a result the pattern is slightly off on the third round and it’s too irritating to me to ignore. Do over!

I’m also working on another quick project which is a surprise for Jack:

Secret Project- March '09

This is one of three main pieces. No pattern on this puppy, making it up as I go along. I ran out of cream yarn, thought I had 2 skeins, only had one in the stash, ordered a second and am on hold until it gets here. Hoping that is sooner than later this week.

And from my 365 Day Project, in one of my two awesome knitting shirts:


And that’s all I’ve got…

NP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Zero

2 thoughts on “Birthdays Happen

  1. Happy Belated Birthday (awesome gift list, by the by…)!

    And I love the cardy. I think this was the first *actual* project that I started doing for others for showers and for my little one when we found out. Super cute when it is done (and I love the colour combo you chose).

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