February project… almost, but not quite

I tried, I really did, to complete the baby cardigan in the month of February, but no such luck. The back and two front sides are done as is one of the two sleeves. Valiant effort if I do say so myself, given my lack of time. The second sleeve is cast on and I suspect I’ll finish it, the seaming and the collar by the end of this coming week. I guess running a week over is not so bad, right?

I think my March project will be a cowl. I know, I said no scarves and a cowl is essentially that, but this one is a lace pattern and uses sock yarn, two things I never do. So I think it’s fair to include it in my monthly project list 🙂 Given that the last project is running over I need to throw in something slightly smaller to keep me on track. So which cowl you ask? The New New Shale Cowl. I’ll likely cast on tomorrow while still closing out my February project.

And if I’m really good with my spare time, which is very little, maybe I’ll wrap up both the aforementioned projects mid month and start the February Lady Sweater as my April project. That surely will take me more than a month, or so I’m thinking.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m vacationing in Hawaii the first week of April? Oh yes, warmth, sun and sand, I can’t wait. We’ll see if any knitting makes the trip.

Off to continue on the second sleeve of this darn baby cardigan!


NP: College basketball in the background…

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