Baby Cardigan Progress

The baby cardigan is moving right along. I’ve completed the back and am well into the left side, probably about half done with it. The decrease for the raglan sleeves is cake, but I’m not looking forward to the collar decrease and figuring out the seed stitch border at the same time. I’m off tomorrow, and so is Bug, but I’m hoping for a long nap so I can complete the left and move on to the right side. No pictures yet…

However I do have a picture of me in my new Natalie Dee shirt from my hubby (part of my Valentine’s Day gift). So awesome, that is the cardigan that is strewn across the couch:


I’ve also had a bit of a dare from a co-worker to make him hot pink/green leg warmers. He doesn’t think I’ll do it. He believes this to the extent that he said he would wear them in office everyday if I made them. Then he asked that I make multiple pairs in multiple colors so he could mix it up. He truly thinks I won’t which is exactly why I will. Off to Joann’s or Michael’s tomorrow for cheapo yarn!

And since I mentioned Valentine’s Day previously, hubby also bought me to skeins of Tilli Tomas yarn! Scrumptious! I need to pick up a few more skeins and I have the perfect project to get started on… probably for April.

Going to take advantage of everyone else in the house napping right now and go wind up my Malabrigo yarn for next months project. Until next time…


NP:My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Pt. 2

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