Birthday Season…

Birthday season has begun for me. My daughter’s first birthday is officially the 11th, we had the party yesterday

Haha, daddy! I bit the cake

Next is my future SIL’s birthday (19th) followed by my husband’s (26th), mine (5th) and them my MIL’s (10th). That’s a whole lot of birthday cake.

I did finish the backpack for my daughter in the month of January. Yay! Here it is unlined and without a zipper, Domo Kun thought it was his:

Domo Kun Backpack

My February project is the “My First Tattoo” sweater out of the ‘Stitch n’ Bitch Nation’ book. I just completed the back and have begun the left front piece. No pictures yet. Hoping I can knock this one out before the month is over given it is a short month.

Fun picture from my 365 days project… me in my Diamond Scarf (Twinkle pattern) for my winter theme photo:


In other news I may be in Amsterdam for my birthday if work can swing it. I haven’t been there since I was 17, I’m beyond excited at the prospect to go back even if it is for work.

That’s about it for now. Need to take advantage of hubby and the baby napping to get some other stuff done!


ps. updating my blogroll to add blogs I frequently read. If you want me to peek at yours, post a link! I’m a total blog addict.

NP: The Airborne Toxic Event- Sometime Around Midnight

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