Knitting, but not…

The not knitting part…

I’m taking three days off this week. Yesterday was the first of the three. Of course I found myself snowed in for the most part, but given what I was working on that really didn’t matter. And why is that, you ask? because I was painting our living room which I knew would be an all day task:

Wall near the kitchen before:
Before Painting

After first coat:
After 1 Coat

And completed (looks more blue than it is, it’s actually more green):
The Long Wall

I worked on it from 7:30am until 3pm yesterday and then for another 1.5 hours this morning since I had the wall with the windows left to finish. It only took so long because I had to move all the furniture, tape, do 2 coats of paint, wait for it to dry and push everything back. Soreness and beyond today!

In knitting, I finished the gusset for the backpack yesterday. This is what it looked like as I was preparing to bind off:

And this is where I’m at so far (gusset, upper front, front, back). Just the straps left:
Backpack Parts

I’ll work on the straps tomorrow and over the weekend. Hopefully it’s off to the fabric store tomorrow for the lining and a zipper. Putting this altogether should be interesting!

Off to soak my soreness in the tub.


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