January Project- Punk Rock Backpack

This project has taken off quickly! I cast on the front panel and the intarsia heart was done in no time, but the bunny face is a little more time consuming due to more than two colors in a given row (I’ve not done intarsia in some time). I’ve currently knit up through the bottom of the eyes.

I also cast on the back panel as sometimes I find time to knit, but need to be able to drop it at a moments notice (like when the baby is playing and has no interest in involving me, until she changes her mind 5 minutes later of course). Since the back panel is all stockinette stitch with no variation for 13″ I figured this was a good choice for such times. As it turns out I am now only about 2 or 3 rows from having it complete. Obviously I cruised through the back quicker than expected.

It’s likely I won’t have time to knit tonight or tomorrow due to other evening obligations, but I imagine by Sunday evening the back will be done, the intarsia bunny will be completed and I’ll be 3/4 or more done with the front panel. I’d bet money that I cast on the side piece by then also 🙂

I’ll try to post pictures of the progress soon. I could use help with ideas for fabric lining. I’ve not lined many projects in the past and am rather lost when it comes to fabric stores.

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