Hello, New Year…

Knitting in 2008 was uneventful and sparse due to Caitlin being born February 11th. However I would have had it no other way. The projects I did manage to complete:

Finished Projects 2008

I know there were probably 3 or 4 neck warmers completed, as well as a few knitted bracelets, but no pictures to be found.

The only major project left on the table is the market bag for Kerry. It is truly 90% done, just need to finish out the handles (which may be painful).

On to 2009. My plan this year is to complete a project per month that is not a scarf. No more scarves unless requested. The first project of the year is the Punk Rock Backpack from the first Stitch n’ Bitch book. I made a quick trip to Temptations this morning for the yarn and the trip proved to be excessively successful. Not only did they have any color I could desire for the backpack, they had the yarn I needed for the little tattoo cardigan I want to make for her also. Rock on!

I cast on moments ago and the backpack is officially in process. I’ll track the progress on Ravelry and on here. Be sure to check back 🙂

2009 knitting related goals:

1. Complete at least 1 project per month
2. Update blog at least every other week, preferably weekly
3. Start a monthly knitting group. I already have 3 lovely ladies lined up, just need a venue and date. I’ll likely post details here and on Ravelry if others would like to join us.

And that’s about it. Easy, right?

Hope your year is off to a kick-ass start!


NP: The The- This is the Day

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