November Knit Girl Contest

I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it. I’m running for November Knit Girl. I submitted my application a week ago and am in process of submitting the pictures now. This is so unlike me, yet seems so appropriate. Why not, right? So yeah, when the voting goes up you should totally go vote for me! “Bad” Knit Girls

In knitting news I’m about 1/3rd done with my BYOB bag from Knitty. I have to knit back a row as something was coming up inside out, so that sucks, but I should be back on track soon… I hope.

I also hope to start knitting little hearts soon to sprinkle around Columbus. I have grand plans, but it is all about execution and time right now.

Of course there is one more project I want to commit to before the year is out and that is knitting a Christmas Stocking for Bug. I just need to find a pattern I like. To me it would make for her best first Christmas ever. Wouldn’t you agree?


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