Anatomy of a Scarf Project

For the September Knit Girls KAL (Knit Along) I decided to knit up a quick project I knew I could finish, the Breast Cancer Support Scarf. I decided to try and photograph my progress for kicks.

Starting with the package I received from Jimmy Beans Wool. I ordered it last Saturday and it arrived Tuesday. That is damn quick for a holiday weekend! I *heart* them lots.

Breast Cancer Scarf Materials

Breast Cancer Scarf Materials

The first step was an odd one for me, cut the pieces for the tassels. I’m used to doing this at the end of the project, but in this case you do it ahead of time as when you start knitting the body of the scarf you knit until you’re out of yarn.

I cut these Friday morning:
Tassel Bits

And finished up Friday night:
Completed Tassel Bits

Then I began knitting Saturday morning off and on until about 4pm:
Starting the project


And where its stands as of right now:

Gotta love projects knit on size 19 needles. Quick, quick, quick. If I’m lucky I’ll have it done this weekend. Depends on time spent on homework tomorrow.

I’ve also been inspired to start another project that is knitting related. A large project. Like a new blog that is separate from this one, for many reasons. We’ll see how it comes together in my head, but I will tell you it was inspired by sock yarn. More detail later assuming it comes to fruition.

With that I’m off to play with the baby at my side that is beginning to stir.


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