Not Knitting

That seems to be the theme lately, no time to knit. I entered the Ravelymics with the best of intentions. Scheduled knitting time, 2 WIPs and a pair of socks… surely I could get that done in 2 weeks. Nope. I got about 80% of one sock done and one of the WIPs went from 25% done to about 75% done. And that’s all folks 😦 Better luck next year.

So what have I been doing? Well school started on the 18th. The first 6 weeks I am taking Business Law, and then Mgmt Theory & Practice along with Mgmt Acctg for the next 6 weeks and then the Acctg class continues while I wrap up with Macro Economics. Sound like fun? So school is back in full swing for me. Add in working full time and hanging with my little bug in what’s left of my time and any time for myself is sparse. Of course spending time with Bug trumps all:


I did, however manage to buy a new car. After 12 years with my VW GTI it was time, well past time:
2008 335i

I did find time yesterday to finish up my Twinkle Diamond scarf. I still need to upload the finished pictures, but it is the awesomeness. I love it.

In other accomplishments, I’ve spent a month on Atkins and lost 13 lbs of baby weight so far. Just 5 more to go and I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight. Go me! I’m not a dieter AT ALL so I am very impressed with my efforts so far. Not to say I haven’t had my moments where I ate a few more carbs than I should have, but giving into cravings on occasion I feel is an important part of dieting.

So yeah, that’s it. I hope for a more knitting oriented post in the near future.

NP: MGMT- Time To Pretend

ps. I love the new Amazon universal wish list button! My wish list is about to be outta control with knitting items!

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