I’ve decided to partake in the Ravelympics. I’m competing in the Sock Put and WIPs Wrestling as a member of Team Knit Girl.

Here are my materials for the Sock Put:
Sock Put

And my WIP (Criss Cross Garter) that I’ll be attempting to finish during the Olympics:
WIPs Wrestling

And I may add in one more, deciding today. Crochet scarf that I’ve had sitting around forever. Wish me luck!

For those of you that don’t know what the Ravelympics is, direct from the site:

What is it? Not to be confused with the Knitting Olympics which take place every four years, just like any other Olympic sport and will be orchestrated by the Yarn Harlot.

You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics (Aug. 8)- and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Aug. 24). That’s 17 days. Would you rather work on your burgeoning WIPs? Then join up for the WIPs Wrestling. All other events are for newly cast on projects!


The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 17 days.

No casting on before Opening Ceremonies commence in Beijing.

Finish before the flame goes out.

You may swatch before the games. (I consider this “training.”)

Exception to the “New Project” notion:
For those highly responsible knitters who wish to focus upon hibernating, sleeping projects from many moons ago, we have a special event: WIPs Wrestling. This event is the only one where working with previously cast on items is okay. Goal here is to produce as many FOs as possible from your languishing pile of WIPs who are so old as to be new again!

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