Time is not on my side. No it’s not…

Sooooo, no pictures yet. I know, I promised them in my last entry which was a month ago. *sigh*

I have, however, cast on the Criss-cross Garter. And not just once or twice, but three times! The yarn/needle combination is incredibly slippery and it’s come off the needles a few times. And as I approach being 3/4 done with the front I found that I dropped a stitch several rows back. Whatever, I’m going to work with the drop stitch to make the garter a little more punk rawk. This quick project is taking much longer than expected. The KAl ends this next week and I have the impression I will not be done. Complete silliness, but as noted in the subject of this post, time is not on my side.

I’ve not even had time to pick up the embellishments needed to finish up the bracelets and neck warmers. Nor sew the seam on the Cat’s Meow hat. I need more time!!!

I need to get organized, get stuff wrapped up and photographed so I can move on to the other three projects noted in the last post without guilt.

Of course I have the Ravelympics coming up, specifically the Sock Put. Guess that will be taking precedence in August, but only for 2 weeks. Assuming time cooperates.

So much I want to do and so little time. I was just talking yesterday about how I want a crock pot for dying yarn. Maybe someday. Maybe.

Hmmm, technically I have a little time right now… off to wrap up the front of that garter!

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