Knitting Fool

That’s been me lately. Somehow I’ve found free time to knit again and I feel inspired. Lately I’ve knit the following (pictures next time I post):

4 or 5 knit bracelets. What better use for leftover yarn? I just need some funky buttons for embellishments.

3 neck warmers. Like above, I need buttons or ribbon to finish them up. No pattern used.

1 cowl. The Abstract Caterpillar Cowl pattern which can be found on Ravelry.

1 hat. The Cat’s Meow hat which can be found on Ravelry.

I finished up the baby blanket mentioned in the previous post. He used it on his way home and continues to use it a ton. *LOVE!*
Baby Blanket

I also spent about an hour today updating my profile on Ravelry. There were various finished projects not represented so I added them. I know there are more, but listed is most of what I have documented beyond a few scarves. More importantly I set up my next four projects:

~ Criss Cross Garter for the July Bad Knit Girl KAL
~ Criss Cross Gloves to match the garter once it is done
~ Aspen Hat
~ Flying Gloves

Yarn is ordered, needles are ready. Once the yarn gets here I’ll be casting on for everything except the KAL which must wait until 7/1/08.

Next I’ll work on updating the “Stash” page on Ravelry. I have so much hanging around to document.

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