Slacker Extraordinaire

I know, it’s been awhile. But being pregnant takes up a lot of my time 🙂 I assure you I have been knitting. I recently finished a cowl and a neck warmer that I may attempt to sell on I’ve been playing with bulky yarn, big needles and fast projects.

I’m still working on the second fingerless glove. I just haven’t had the patience to finish it. It is currently about 1/3rd done. Maybe this week I’ll pick it back up. I also started sewing together Bella Bunny. Definitely not a fan of sewing up projects :-/ I only got so far before I set her aside also. Hence the bulky yarn, big needles and fast projects.

I also had a little knit night with some friends at a local coffee shop last Thursday night. It was good to get out and hang with the girls in a social setting. I look forward to starting a regular knit night after the baby is here. It always amazes me, though, how much attention we get, especially from men, when we knit in public. They are so curious and have so many questions.

The baby is due in 15 days. I’m kind of in an “anytime now” type mode. We’re still wrapping things up and getting ready, but if the baby came today we’d be ready enough. Anxious would be the word for me right now, but not in a bad way. Perhaps “ready” would be a better description.

It just started storming incredibly hard outside. I love the sound of thunder.

NP: Scala- Teenage Dirtbag

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