Best. Swap. Ever.

As some of you know, I’m involved in several online knitting communities. One of them recently had a Winter Swap in which I participated. This is probably the third swap I’ve ever participated in so I’m still always wondering what to expect, which is I guess half the fun of the swap after deciding what to send 🙂 Well, the person that got my name was the absolute most awesome swap partner ever. Seriously, I scored. Check it out:

Dec 07 Swap
A tin for knitting notions (cool idea, eh?), 2008 page a day Knitting calendar, card with cute note, multi-colored yarn and the Bobbi Bear pattern!

Thank you again, Jenn!!!

In other knitting news, I finished one of two fingerless gloves:
BSA Glove Done

I’m hoping to cast on the other this weekend and wrap it up sooner than later. This is definitely working out better than my attempts at socks on DPNs.

And being the procrastinator I am, I’ve still not sewn up Bella Bunny. She’s blocked and ready to go, I’m apparently too preoccupied 😉 Thank you Apocaknits for the comment. I really do think that there will be a little heart on her arm. I truly can’t resist. Perhaps I’ll wrap her up this weekend too. Perhaps…

NP: The mixed CD my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas. More awesomeness.


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