The Great Gingerbread Debacle of 2007

I had this brilliant idea a week ago that I wanted to build gingerbread houses this year. I swear up and down I’ve never built one before. Nick seems to think we did once as kids. Perhaps I was missing that day. Regardless, yesterday we ensued on said adventure. Nick, Andrea and I walked through the winter storm to the grocery store to pick up the needed items. I’m not joking, it was snow/ice rain, but the store is a 5 minute walk away 🙂

The amount of candy picked out was ridiculous, but needed. As was the beer for those that could partake. The only problem we ran into is that there was no powdered sugar to be found anywhere. Completely sold out. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this grand idea over the weekend. So rather than making frosting we bought frosting praying it would work out the same.

So back at the homestead the gingerbread was ready to go. We cut cardboard and covered it in aluminum foil as our base and began. Assembling the walls was initially tricky until a light bulb went off and I started covering the base in frosting to stick the walls into for extra support. Genius! And so we continued on the adventure.

All was seemingly going well until I got to the roof. One piece was longer than the other and on barely stretched to meet both ends of the house. I condensed the house a little and cut the long piece to fit. All still going as planned. I had four walls and a roof! Then I had the grand idea to cover the roof in M&Ms for a tiled affect. One side down and it looked awesome. Then I moved to the other side… but the roof was caving in! I thought I could work with it, but disaster soon struck. I grabbed the roof and had it in my hands, covered in frosting, while we looked for support. Straws! I put beams across the top of the house and laid the roof back down. Voila! On with the decorating.

Did I mention that while this was going on we were cooking strombli, garlic toast and egg rolls to snack on? The kitchen was a very busy place.

As we continued on snacking and decorating I noticed the front of my house kind of leaned in. What can I say, my house was more a shack than a mansion anyway. I also noticed the gel decorating stuff seemed to be sliding down the front of my little gingerbread man. Rather than three red buttons he looked like he was bleeding. Oops! What can one do? So here are the end results from yesterday… but be sure to read on, this fiasco is not done yet:

(Click on the pictures to see larger images on Flickr)



Houses DoneHouses Done2

Houses Done BackHouses Done Back2

Yay! Pretty gingerbread houses. That was at 5pm. And that’s what they looked like when I went to bed at 10am. However this is what my house looked like at 6:30 this morning…


Disaster StrikesDisaster Strikes2


I don’t know if it was the gale force winds outside sneaking in, a mischievous cat or just the laws of physics. What I do know is that my gingerbread house is now slightly flatter and the market value has probably declined. Think I could sell her as a fixer-upper?

The End.

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