Where did that month go?

Oops! It’s been a bit hectic since my last post. Quarter end at work, closing on my new home, doctor’s appointment to check-up on the baby, packing and moving… little or no free time.

So let’s start with some good news:

– I closed on my townhouse on 10/8/07! We’re still moving in, but it’s slowly coming together.
– We found out the gender of our baby, we’re having a little girl 🙂 Excitement hardly describes the emotions and feelings we are having. Although I’ve been too busy to start shopping.
– I found a little time to knit here and there and am a little over half way through a baby blanket for our baby girl. The yarn is so yummy! I’ll post details and pictures in my next post.
– I received my gift for the yarn/CD swap I was involved in and it was awesome. I’ll post pics of that yarn in my next post also. (can you tell I’m still unpacking?)
– My wedding is just a matter of weeks away, Nov 5th. My dress is all sorted and fitted, the wedding venue and dinner venue are booked, we just need to pick up rings and we’re set. I look forward to our silly Vegas wedding and seeing family and friends.

And the sad news:

The moving process ended up being too stressful for one of my cats, Pixel. Several months ago he was acting a bit odd and a slew of vet appointments ensued. There was speculation that he might be developing cancer in his intestines, but there was no definite answer. I put him on the prescribe medications and he responded very well. I thought we were in the clear.

Well this past Saturday when we began our moved he became very lethargic and remained that way through Sunday evening when he took a turn for the worse. The x-rays indicated that it did indeed appear to be cancer and that perhaps the stress of moving brought his symptoms further to the surface. As it stood he probably wasn’t going to make it through to Monday morning so I made that tough decision and he was put down.

He lived a really great 11 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. I’m going to miss that little guy a ton. He meant the world to me and I know I meant the world to him.

Now I’m trying to keep myself from getting another Devon Rex…

And moving on:

The move should wrap up this weekend and we should start to feel more settled. Feeling more settled means more knitting time! I’m hoping to finish the baby blanket next week and continue work on my forever in process Fantasy Throw. I should probably finish up the little swing jacket I was working on also. Especially now that I know I am having a girl!

I promise a more knitting related post next time. Pictures too!


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