Shopping Spree!

Yesterday was a fun day. My energy was up for the first time in awhile and I had many, many plans. The first of which was a trip to Temptations. Although I lost track while driving, missed the exit and then decided to go to Borders first 🙂

Borders was good fun as always. Browsed the magazines and knitting books before heading back to the children’s section to be overwhelmed. From there I browsed the literature section looking for a good new read and then headed out. Of course I did not leave empty handed. I managed to pick up the latest copy of Knit.1, Adorn and the anniversary edition of Vogue Knitting. I also picked up a copy of Mason Dixon Knitting.
Mason Dixon

I’d been avoiding the book for awhile, but finally gave in based on some finished work I’d seen on Ravelry.

Off to Temptations I finally went! I needed to buy some sock yarn for the CD/Yarn swap I’m doing on Ravelry: Rock out with your socks out! I can’t post what I chose yet as she may check my blog, but I can share what I purchased for me!

Colinette Jitterbug in Alizarine:

I also picked up two Colinette pattern books: Arboretum and Rock Gods & Movie Stars.

At this point I was rather dehydrated and it was time to run home for a few glasses of water before meeting up with Nick (brother) and Andrea (his girlfriend) for lunch. Off to Dublin and then Grandview where we met at King Avenue 5. We had an excellent lunch (I scarfed down almost all of that spinach artichoke dip on my own!) and then headed down to Skully’s for the Craftin’ Outlaws alternative craft fair.

So much cool stuff, but it was fairly crowded so I didn’t make any purchases. I did grab a few business cards knowing I could find their online stores and order if I still felt the urge later.

From there we wandered around the Short North a bit and grabbed a few smoothies. At this point I was exhausted. That was a lot of running around for a pregnant lady! So off to Jack’s I went where I napped on the couch and vegged out for the remainder of the evening. So good.

That’s all that is currently new in the knitting/crafty part of my life. I’m going to start on a mission to finish all my started projects (I know I’ve said that before) so that when I move in about 6 – 8 weeks I get a fresh start with my knitting. Wish me luck! I’ll certainly post pictures as items are (presumably) completed.

Until then…

NP: Social Distortion – Ball & Chain

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