Knitter’s Connection

While my schedule is keeping me beyond busy, I managed to sign up for classes at the Knitter’s Connection convention (second weekend in June). I’m taking a beginner’s spinning class with Shannon Okey (Knit Grrl) and a class called ‘Build a Better Bag’ with Gwen Bortner (Knit Ability), Unfortunately I missed out on my chance to take the yarn dying class. At least I’ll get to try spinning!

Still knitting away in what little free time I have. I’m still working on the same projects, so no real new updates. Hopefully I’ll wrap a few up over the long weekend and have some pictures to post with my next entry!

Did I mention I found my new favorite yarn shop in the Columbus area? It’s actually in Dublin and carries all my favorite yarns that I was used to purchasing when I lived in California. It’s close and has most of what my heart desires. My wallet is probably cringing as I type this.

Off to knit and do homework.

NP: The new Interpol album…

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