First knitting class…

Last Saturday I took my first knitting class. Originally I hadn’t planned on taking any classes, I was just going to continue teaching myself. However, two of my friends assured me they wanted ot sign up and go, so I signed up about three weeks ago. Of course Saturday rolls around and the other two hadn’t signed up and the class was full.

The class was two hours long and located in this cute little shop in Ladera Ranch. It was just myself and 4 other people, which was a perfect class size. The first class revolved around casting on and the knit stitch, both of which I already know, yet it was good verification that I was doing things right.

My next class is this coming Saturday and we’ll be learning several other stitches. I’m anxious to learn more, yet trying not to move ahead of the class too much. I’ve found several handbag patterns that are calling my name, yet I will stick to my scarves for now.

When I have time this weekend I will post a picture of the first project I ever completed and the second one in progress for the class now.

Until then!

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